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Our manufacturing programme in the HIPS sector
offers production that ranges from mono-extrusion
through to 3-layer extrusion. A high-gloss finish is just
as much a part of our scope of delivery as different
décors. We are happy to provide you comprehensive
information about various possibilities.


In our ABS division we have the option of mono-extrusion
in gloss, semi-matt and matt as well as
the production of ABS/PC blends. Co-extrusions with
ABS, ASA and PMMA are also possible.
There is a wide range of options, so get in touch
with us.

Conductive PS

Conductive polystyrene is required for the manufacture
of electrically conductive components for a wide range
of application areas. The material is excellent for thermoforming
and is used, for example, in the production of
transport containers and packaging. The plastic panels
and foils made of electrically conductive, impact
resistant polystyrene are extruded on a carbon black
component basis and are only available in black.
Two conductivity categories are basically distinguished:
≤103 Ω enveloping conductivity (hard discharge)
The polystyrene material must counter the build up of
static electricity, by preventing and diverting any voltage
potential caused by friction.
≥104 - ≤1010 Ω controlled diverting conductivity (soft
The polystyrene material must protect the content of
transport containers and packaging from static fields,
where electrical fields are reduced in a controlled
manner by the conductive properties of the material.


The polyolefin blends are produced from a polystyrene/
polyethylene compound (PS/PE) or polypropylene/
polyethylene mixture (PP/PE). The emphasis with these
compounds is on the positive properties of the individual
product components, which include their increased
impact strength and chemical resistance. Working
together with Europe‘s leading compounders enables a
material design that meets individual customer requirements
in every respect. Our polyolefin blends are very
good for processing and are distinguished by a tremendously
wide range of uses.

Cutting service & mirror and decorative sheets

SERVICE is extremely important to us. On each production
unit we have the ability to cut the sheets to the size you
want directly on the polar. The cutting tolerances here
are +/-1 mm for sheets up to a thickness of 4 mm.
For sheets that are thicker than 4 mm or exceed the
size of the polar, a modern sheet saw is on hand, which
guarantees a burr-free, rectangular cut.
We are happy to answer your questions about cut
sizes and tolerances in full. Contact your sales representative

Polystyrene silver mirror now available...

on white carrier with protective foil on one side
Format: 2000 x 1000 mm
Thicknesses: 1.00 – 5.00 mm
Also available cut to order - speak to your sales representative.

Decorative foils laminated on polystyrene or ABS

Sheets and foils from 1.5 mm
There are no limits to the imagination! No matter what
decor you want, be it wood effect, natural stone, carbon,
brushed aluminium or your very own design in MATT or
GLOSS , we will laminate it for you on polystyrene or ABS.
These special, high quality products are particularly
suitable for presenting sophisticated displays or types
of packaging, contract furnishings, exhibition and
stage construction, caravan fittings, wall and ceiling
cladding, tuning, cases and much more.
Our sheets and foils with decorative foils can be deep
drawn, printed, shaped, stamped, glued etc. Depending
on the decor, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor
For more information and samples, get in touch directly
with your sales representative.

Biothex – the new Bio-Product

The use of bioplastics marks an important development
on the way to dealing with petroleum-based raw materials
that conserves resources. With BIOTHEX, Universal
POLYTHEX is making an active contribution to reducing
CO² emissions.
The thermoplastic bio-material produced in panels and
on rolls is made from renewable raw materials. It is
completely bio-degradable, compostable and meets the
European Compost Directive EN 13432. BIOTHEX
contains neither softening agents nor genetically modified
organisms and is suitable for contact with food.
The biobased material can be printed, deep drawn and
used for other types of processing. The panel and roll
material is suitable for numerous applications in different
market sectors and industries – these include displays,
packaging (also food), advertising materials, garden
fittings, gift and business cards etc.
In the form of BIOTHEX, we provide our customers with
an environmentally friendly and sustainable thermoplastic
material. With respect to environmental protection,
we are pleased to support you in the development and
market introduction of biodegradable plastics.